Cecilia Scott

前件 明くる


生年月日:1. 03, 1996




身長:5'5" | 165cm

ブラのサイズ:34A (US)| 75B (EU)

ウエスト:25 | 64

ヒップ:36 | 91

靴のサイズ:8½ | 39

Raise your hand if you just bought a ticket to Hungary. We sure did. Cecilila Scott is new to the scene, and she%u2019s definitely making us pull one out. There%u2019s a dangerous line that%u2019s crossed every time this blonde babe starts down on a cock, and we%u2019re sure it%u2019s ok that she does. We don%u2019t know who to thank, her music teachers or her ex-boyfriend for motivating her rhythmic abilities. Either way, she wanted us to mention that she%u2019s happily engaged to her vibrator and from a young age knew she%u2019d be in the biz of taking cocks before too long. Sneaking off to play with her boyfriend and peek at what she could find gave this pornstar an eye full and big dreams of double teams. We%u2019re happy she%u2019s shooting for the stars and always up for more. We would definitely recommend bookmarking this page...because she puts out...a lot. Scenes and slutiness, just the way we like it.